Creating ambiance and atmosphere
Combined with over 50 years of experience THE CHATTERBAND is one of the top bands in the tri-state area.

This high-energy band will have you moving and grooving and asking for more! TCB is a 9 piece powerhouse with an outstanding horn section and dynamite lead singers with exceptional range.

CHATTERBAND specializes in weddings and private functions. Not only is it one of the most exciting days in a couple's new life together, but Chatterband can also make it the most entertaining and fun. The talent is unparalleled. What sets TCB apart is how we are unbelievably accomodating and have the experience of over 30+ years in the entertainment industry to keep the party flowing. From 3 yrs old to 103, everyone will be dancing, guaranteed. No request is too big or small. If you have a special request that is not in our repertoire, we will learn it for your big day!

Unlike some entertainment agencies that assemble a group of their best musicians for a showcase, then come your wedding day, you don't recognize any of the faces. With Chatterband, what you see is what you get. We're not just a live band; we're a second family. The staying power of our members is something found not too often in this industry. As a result of the talent and camaraderie, TCB doesn't play from charts or sheet music, we play from the heart. That excitement spills into every function and guest we entertain. The Band is swept up in the music and magic as much as the audience!

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The rotation list is subject to change. So please check back for the most recent selections when choosing music for your function.

Songs in play rotation as of September 17, 2018

Our Team
The talent behind the music

Combined with over 50 years of experience  THE CHATTERBAND is one of the top bands in the tri-state area. This high energy band will have you moving and grooving and asking for more! TCB is a 9 piece powerhouse with an outstanding horn section and dynamite lead singers with exceptional range. 

What some recent clients say about their experience with The Chatterband

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.


Thanks so much for the best party ever the music was amazing as always, I will never forget that evening, I am blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful friends and you sure are included in that! Please tell the band that the phone was ringing off the hook, how much they all enjoyed the music from 18 years old to 70 years old thanks again for making my birthday the best night ever. love ya!

Nancy Urian
Surprise Birthday Party

Dearest Paul,
It it with the deepest heartfelt thanks that we write to you today.  You made our reception so special. We all had a GREAT time...and we would not have changed on moment of the evening!  Your talents are stronger than ever...and we knew with you at the helm...all would be well.  We hope you enjoyed the energy in the room too!!! Everyone had nothing but the very BEST to say about you...even the hotel staff was talking about our "great band" this morning!
God Bless you. We know how hard you far you travel...but please know how much you are truly appreciated today.  Thank you again and again. Can't wait to party with you again very soon!

Larry and Fran
Appiott Wedding

Hey Paul, I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for what a wonderful job the Chatterband did at the wedding. You not only played better than I have ever heard you (and I've been a fan for 30 years), but the way you blended with Jarrod, and Olivia sounded like you have been playing together for ever. Those feelings were shared by my Father in Law and others from your industry. I'm not sure if you know but Dean Egnater who is Frankie's Road Manager got a hold of Kenny (your sound guy) to tell him how impressed he was with the job the band did with Olivia. I'm not sure if Ken even knew who Dean was. Well TCB played even far beyond our expectations. Thank you again. Will see you soon.

Jimmy & Lisa

My husband and I and my husband’s side of family always loved TCB from our shore and occasional hometown with TCB upbringing. My brother and his wife are more recent years groupies. They recently had us join them in Cape May area to listen to TCB. My husband and I went to see them again and thought you never know, it might be doable! We had our 2 daughters getting married 2 mos a part last one, early Oct. in 2019. They were thinking of a dj. They checked out some bands none stood out and we asked them to see TCB with us at the Windrift. Hook, line and sinker they were sold on TCB!!! TCB are the kindest people! No pressure at all and they handled everything with my daughters, being sure to understand any concerns.
How talented, is an understatement. Toddlers to ninety somethings, to healthy, very pregnant mothers were dancing most of the time! Both weddings were perfect! Said with all humility, the ceremony/ Mass is greatest of all but I will say more than several of all ages said it was the best wedding/reception they ever went to! Both weddings had their own signature! They kept the reception at the right pace/ engaging all at the different venues/ and everyone could not wait for the second wedding. Rock, country, Sinatra, pop, whatever else we had, they mastered. People who are not dancers were dancing. It was, as a lot put it, like a wedding concert so personal and focused on brideand groom and family and friends! I will hopefully use them for a party sometime celebrating our blessings!! To TCB, thank you, thank, thank you! Love you all and hope things are good for you all in 2020!!! Patty and Ray!!

DiCello-Faherty October 5, 2019